About EHI

The Forefront of Style and Fashion

At Envy Hair Intl. our philosophy has always been about giving you beautiful hair and recognizing you as an individual. This is the heart of everything we do, whether it be a tailor made experience or high performance products specifically designed for your needs. At Envy Hair Intl. we believe in making everyone look and feel their best while giving them the tools to replicate the look at home. Trends are important however, new trends are constantly evolving. Colors are daring with flare and different twists. With our client’s individual style we're able to mesh trends. Our stylists pride themselves on being in tune with client’s needs as well as personal image. We are proud to provide an environment which encourages our staff to individually grow in their craft and build personal relationships with their clients. Envy Hair Intl. enjoy furnishing their clients with a relaxing, polished atmosphere, coupled with a customer support team that tends to their needs. We are committed to providing you with outstanding service, education and inspiration. With the coined motto of “Don't Just Envy - Indulge - Enhance your inner beauty, Attain your best look”, we believe in individual beauty. Finding the right look to express yourself outward is the daily goal that Envy Hair Intl. strives to accomplish.We hope you enjoy your experience at Envy Hair Intl. and would love to hear your feedback.

 Career in the Beauty Industry

The mission of the Envy Hair Intl. Academy of Mastermind of Beauty is to provide exceptional, state-of-the-art cosmetology specialty courses for serious students who wish to pursue personal career goals in cosmetology and related fields. The school seeks to prepare students for the real-world work environment and employer demands via the latest self-paced structural programs which use both individual online or group face to face instruction, cater to the needs of the individual, enforce discipline and moral values, and impart the joys of achievement and quality performance. The occupational outlook for cosmetology careers is very promising. The salon industry continues to grow and continues to employ large numbers of professionals. The Beauty Industry includes a wide choice of careers such as hair stylist, makeup artist, nail technician, esthetician, salon owner, platform artist, educator and product sales. We also offer advanced technique training for all licensed professionals. Register now

 Increase your Income

Envy Hair Intl. is much more than a company affiliated with the highest quality virgin hair company. It is a company with a clear mission to improve the global community we live in by giving individuals the tools to be successful in the hair and beauty business. Envy Hair Intl. is committed to helping individuals, not only with the incredible benefits of its products and services, but with a business opportunity that opens the door to personal success and potentially limitless financial growth. Envy Hair Intl.'s mission is to empower individuals to achieve new financial goals and personal freedom by extending those same benefits to those around them. We aim to provide the highest level of quality and service possible with respect to the products and services that we offer and strive to create an environment and culture that lends itself to our distributors success. Our belief is that a successful company is built around superior products and services being driven by motivated Makse Hair distributors. 

Own your own businessNo more wasting money on commuting that just takes more money out of your pocket. You can wake up any time you want to. You don't have a Corporate manager telling you to be at work on time on their schedule. You are in charge of your own destiny. Instead of making your boss rich, all the work you do actually benefits you. You’ll enjoy the freedom and flexibility of owning your business—not to mention excellent benefits. Traditional businesses cost tens of thousands of dollars to establish, not to mention a bank loan that will take you decades to repay. Starting your home-based business with Makse Hair has a low start up cost with a high income potential. You don’t have to hire employees, offer benefits, and you don’t have any overhead costs. It is finally possible for you to own your own business, never worry about inventory or shipping cost. Start your Business Today